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Connecticut Mulch Distributors Has Expanded

Connecticut Mulch Distributors (CMD) started in the 70’s with Kenny Lindeland hauling clean chips from Nothern lumber mills down to roadsides for Connecticut’s Department of Transportation. When those mills needed a way to get rid of the bark, Kenny and his wife Brenda spent the next 40 years building one hell of a business.

14 years ago, they brought on their son Kurt Lindeland and have since grown from 13 employees into three companies: Connecticut Mulch Distributors, Connecticut Forest Products and Connecticut Organics. 

We have been growing constantly, aggressively for the last 10 years.

In the last six years, Connecticut Mulch Distributors has been in production using a high-capacity debarking and chipping facility just one quarter of a mile from our 70 Mullen Road location.  With the expansion of our facility, we are now able to provide our customers in the New England area with the most consistent playground surfacing product.

The expansion has allowed us to produce a surfacing product like no other. We have most recently gone through extensive testing using the IPEMA certification program and are now IPEMA certified.

Through sustainably-foresting practices using Connecticut grown wood, Connecticut Mulch Distributors produces the industry’s finest playground surfacing. We welcome the opportunity to fill all of your playground surfacing needs.

With the addition of Connecticut Forest Products, Connecticut Mulch will be able to maintain the largest bark inventory for years to come.  As we grow, we would love the opportunity to provide you with the highest quality bark and soil.